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Encounter Your Potential Inc


We help businesses work through roadblocks and challenges. We help businesses solve problems and optimize systems and processes to boost leads, drive sales, and ultimately generate more revenue. 

Process & Design Improvement

Continuous and sustainable improvements are key pillars to business success. Our approach to process design and improvement will help your business see immediate impact and results.


We don't just focus on process improvement or design, we also work with you to create processes and systems for continuous improvement within your organization.


Our 5 Step Approach to improvement eliminates waste, improves efficiencies and identifies ways to keep employees engaged throughout the process.

Encounter Your Potential Inc

The 5 Step Approach

Current State Assessment

Baseline Analysis

Identifying Target Areas

Ideation and Brainstorming

Implementation & Change Management

Project Management

We are trained and experienced to drive project success. From project ideation to execution and completion, our dedicated project managers will work with your business to ensure that the job is completed on time and within budget.


Using project management best practices, we help you:


  • Create a project charter with scope summary, key stakeholders, including roles and responsibilities, and detailed timelines. 

  • Build Detailed Statements of Work with project scopes, cost, schedules, communication plans, and more. 

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Plan

  • Punch-list and Close out 


We know that every organization is unique so we make every effort to ensure our project managers understand your work culture and become an extension of your internal team for the duration of each project. Our goal is to ensure that upon project completion, you are undoubtedly satisfied.

Encounter Your Potential Inc
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