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Your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Partner

Highly inclusive organizations generate 2.3x more cash flow per employee, 1.4x more revenue, and are 120% more capable of meeting financial targets.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging is an ongoing process. Each organization’s needs and journey are different and so we meet you, your teams, and your organization where you are on your unique and individual journey.

Ways We Service

Our services can journey with you from assessment to strategy implementation, to team training and leadership development.

Audit Assessments + Strategy 

Baseline Your Current State as an organization and as individual leaders.


Our Assessment Process includes listening tours, survey planning and review, and focus groups.

We provide Strategic Recommendations and a plan for building alignment.

Leadership Support + Advisory

A Trusted Partner - We step in as your thought partner, advisor, or team member.


Full Lifecycle Support - Whether your needs are short-term to kickstart your DEIB programs, or ongoing continuous support.


Marketing Communications - Plans, inclusive hiring, supplier diversity strategies, defining metrics, and linking progress to performance.

Training, Learning and Development

  • All-staff and manager training

  • Board, C-suite, Leader training

  • Individual or group coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Workforce leadership development training

  • Continuity programs

Our Unique Approach

Supporting People And Business Goals By Innovating At The Cross-Section Of Diversity and Marketing

Just like no two individuals are the same—no two companies are either.


We are Marketers passionate about DEIB, our unique approach leverages the power of storytelling to fuel internal and external marketing to help achieve DEIB goals.

Audit Assessments + Strategy

Build alignment around the business case and the human case to power a plan that pushes DEIB from moment to movement. We meet you where you are and develop from there.


This can happen in the following areas: 

  • Define or Assess The Business Case and Human Case for DEIB 

  • DEI SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

  • Drive Leadership and Organizational Alignment Around The DEI Vision and Plan

  • Support In Building A New DEI Strategy or Enhancing Your Existing Strategy 

  • Create or Refine The Company's DEI Mission, Vision, and / or Positioning Statement 

  • Identify Key Success Measures For DEIB Efforts - Short Term and Long Term DEIB Goals

  • Guide or Advise The Execution of Identified Strategic Areas of Focus

  • Strategy for Improving Organizational Culture including but not limited to:

    • Recruitment Strategies For Diversifying Internal Teams

    • Assessing and Implementing Inclusive Hiring Strategies

  • DEI Taskforce / Council / Advisory or Business Resource Group Development and Support

  • DEI Program Planning and Execution 

  • Development of a communications roadmap and calendar 


"Sandra Garcia has proven herself to be an international influencer with experience, credibility, and agility to motivate any audience.

Sandra made a great impression during the diversity and inclusion session at our international bank. The biggest takeaway was that individuals should think of themselves as the CEO of their brand and career. She impressively touched on focusing on building a brand and developing their own personal board of directors for support.

I greatly appreciate Sandra and her dedication to empowering communities and anyone that she meets."

Clement C. King III

Chief Control Officer, HSBC Canada


Leadership Support & Advisory

A Trusted Partner

When you need the experience to transform your vision into reality, we are able to step in as your DEIB thought partner, advisor, or team member.

Full Lifecycle Support

Whether your needs are short-term to kickstart your DEIB programs, or ongoing continuous support, we can support your business.

Support Can Include...

  • Communications Plans and Planning

  • Inclusive Hiring And Supplier Diversity Strategies

  • Defining Success Metrics and KPIs

  • Linking progress to performance

  • Leadership Competency Assessment and Development

IMG_8679 (1).JPG

"Sandra presented a Lightning Talk during our annual General Assembly International Women's Day program where the theme was "Press For Progress".


Her presentation around the importance of honing one's Executive Presence as women and what it means for women of color was engaging and in line with General Assembly’s ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive tech community and break down barriers to tech education.


Sandra was one of four women selected who had taken groundbreaking action in their fields and we were happy to have her be part of our efforts of empowering women in local communities to reach high, achieve their goals, and make an impact on the world."


Head of Media, Tech & Telecom Practice


Training, Learning & Development

We are trained and experienced in facilitating conversations, leading discussions, and delivering training focused on critical and soft skill development. All sessions can be customized for the audiences we engage.

  • Board, C-suite, Leadership Teams

  • All-staff and Organizational Bodies

  • Managers and People Leaders

  • At Risk Employees

  • Multicultural Groups and Employees

  • High Performing Talent


Facilitated Conversation, Workshop and Training Topics:

  • Navigating Diversity Challenges at Work

  • Encountering Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

  • Mitigating Bias In the Recruitment Process of Building Effective Teams

  • Unconscious Bias Awareness 

  • Culture Sensitivity in the Workplace

  • Racial Equity Training

  • History of Structural Racism and What Your Organization Can Do Today 

  • Brand Building: Developing Your Personal and Professional Brand

  • Interpersonal Relationship, Listening Skills and Empathy 

  • Self-Motivation and Leading With Vision and Purpose 

  • Creating Space for Diverse Leadership and Communication Styles

Coaching and Continuity Programs

  • Individual or group coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Accountability partner pairing and support

  • Tailored content, programs, and curriculum


"Wow, I loved it! You were engaging in style, your content was super strong and the provocation to think what we’d do as individuals was spot on. 


Really great mix of “internal” and “external” and you seemed to have tailored it to our needs/brief in terms of the weight and content. I also liked the fact that you talked about your own bias by way of encouraging people to open up or at least explore their own. 


Honestly, for our purposes I thought it was spot on and I just want to say a HUGE thank you!" 


CMI Director Global, Deodorants


Leadership Coaching

Encounter Your Potential Leadership Coaching

Helping individual leaders identify their leadership potential and how to achieve high levels of performance within their environments.


1:1 and Group Leadership Coaching with a Focus on:

  • Encountering Your Leadership Potential

  • Navigating Diversity Challenges at Work

  • Building and Leading Diverse Teams

  • Becoming A More Inclusive Leader

Empowered Leadership

Self-empowerment and team empowerment coaching focused on coaching Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Senior Management Teams, and organizational professionals on how to seek ways to get to their goals faster by eliminating roadblocks and disempowering beliefs. ​


We also coach leaders to empower their teams to achieve maximum success by harnessing strengths including the team in decision-making, and increasing their sense of both individual worth and commitment to the organization.

Awards & Recognition

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