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Is Your Business Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Here Are Quick Consumer Holiday Stats You Should Be Aware Of

Save the date: Friday November 27, 2020, is Black Friday and Monday, November 30, 2020, is Cyber Monday.

In this article, the Encounter team has compiled from our research Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) tips for this upcoming online consumer holiday season.

#1 66 percent of consumers plan to at local small businesses this holiday season.

#2 BCFM expected consumer behaviors:

#3 As of late August, one in four U.S. holiday shoppers have already started shopping for the holiday season.

#4 Shopify merchants participating in BFCM will be offering discounts and free shipping perks!

Are you ready to sell online this BFCM? Encounter Marketing and our partner Grow with Google, has the tool for you!

Applications will be accepted through Oct 30th, do not wait until then, submit today!

MainStreet ONLINE, a COOP program powered by Google, is providing small businesses and artists in the State of New York with free, hands-on support to start selling online just in time for the holiday season.

  • How does it work? MainStreet ONLINE is a program that pairs small business owners with COOP students, who are trained in e-commerce and supervised by an experienced strategist, to build an optimized Shopify online store for businesses for free and help them reach new customers with Google tools.

  • What will small businesses get? Small businesses will get hands-on assistance setting up a Shopify website and free product listings on the Google shopping tab, an optimized free Business Profile on Google Search and Maps, and support building effective Smart Shopping campaigns on Google.

  • Who is eligible? MainStreet ONLINE is currently open to independent small businesses that are registered in the State of New York and have fewer than twenty employees.

How to apply? Small businesses looking to jumpstart their online sales can visit MainStreet ONLINE to learn more and apply! Applications will be accepted through Oct 30th.


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