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Marketing Tactics Every Doctor and Practice Should Consider

Strategic Ways to Encounter Your Healthcare Business Potential

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO strategy is a process of organizing a website’s content by topic to improve the likelihood of appearing in search results. Essentially, it is the process you follow to maximize the opportunity to gain organic traffic from search engines. Whenever you search maybe about a product you want to buy or a term the way your search engine prioritizes blogs and content on your page is essentially what search engine optimization is. It explains to the search engine how to prioritize your website.

A well-optimized medical page will rank higher on Google and other search platforms and organically generate traffic for the page.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an essential part of a great medical marketing strategy and will help medical firms reach their ideal patient base. Social media marketing for doctors is a massive contributor to driving traffic to medical or dental practice websites and search engine rankings.

Social media marketing involves the use of social media to interact with clients, it creates an open channel for the doctor to reach their patients practically and it will help medical marketing strategies reach a broad audience and can be used as a critical lead generation tool which will ultimately improve sales.

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Website Optimization

Websites are now strategic tools for all medical practitioners as patients are able to make diagnoses on what is wrong with them and even book appointments with a preferred doctor. Today more than ever, potential patients are searching on the web for local physicians and healthcare services. Patients are taking their health into their own hands and by doing so care more and more about establishing a know, like and trust relationship with a potential practice before walking through the doors or booking an appointment.

Improving patients’ experience on Healthcare websites will significantly increase patient leads and retention.

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Email Marketing

Email as part of your medical marketing strategy is a great way to retarget patients or reach new patients that have expressed interest in a particular procedure or treatment. Previously, telemarketing was the way to reach patients but emails have since replaced that system and email marketing helps to create a base of dedicated subscribers.

Utilize email marketing to create touchpoints with your practice website visitors and share new promotions, specials, blog posts, and the latest practice news. Grow your practice patient email list by encouraging website visitors to sign up for a newsletter.

A newsletter will help you share monthly content about your medical practice and keep your practice top of the mind of patients. Another powerful way to leverage email as part of your medical marketing strategy is by creating nurture sequences for your lead-generation campaigns.

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Loyalty Marketing

A patient loyalty program is a marketing strategy that rewards patients for their commitment and ongoing engagement with your medical practice.

Although the primary goal of a patient loyalty program is to increase patient retention by providing your existing patients with rewards (for example, discounts and special offers), it can also help you attract new patients to your medical practice.

That said, having a patient loyalty program in place doesn’t simply mean you’re offering your healthcare services at a discounted price.

When implemented correctly, a patient loyalty program can give you important information about your patients and services, such as the type of service that appeals the most to a specific group of patients.

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Content Marketing

Educating your patients through quality content can show your true value and expertise over time. You can publish blog posts, infographics, case studies, medical research, and testimonials among others. These can help drive engagement to your website and further increase your rankings on Google. Content marketing helps you to consistently market your product and services to the right audience. It helps in generate more engagements and leads.

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Video Marketing

Video content created by physicians is one of the most powerful and engaging ways to content with potential patients. Video medical marketing helps physicians and medical practices reach potential patients and easily market themselves.

Video now receives substantially higher engagement rates than any other type of content, including images and blog posts. On top of that, Youtube is owned by Google and is the second-largest search engine online. It gives you another avenue for search for growth in your practice to pursue.

Building a video content marketing strategy will help you, as the doctor promote your practices, talk specifically about medical conditions and your treatment approach and create a know, like and trust relationship with potential patients before they ever walk through the door.

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Google & Social Ads

Digital advertising has revolutionized the medical marketing industry with platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.

Both PPC and Facebook advertising allows you to customize your advertisement to reach your exact potential patient base and provide specific tracking and analytics to gain great insights into the success of the advertising program.

Not only can you customize your medical practice ads but also monitor the ROI Analytics will help you adjust the ads to improve results based on data that has been received.

Digital advertising can be interactive and allows potential patients to engage with advertisements making it easier to capture contact information and convert leads.

Not only can you use digital advertising to drive in new leads and conversions, but you can also use it to boost your organic reach. The good thing also is that digital marketing has a very broad reach, so you can connect with a whole lot more audience and boost your reach.

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Community Management

As your audience grows, it’s important to build and maintain a brand's audience, both online and offline.

Businesses build communities — or implement community management tactics at their companies — to build authentic relationships among their external audience (their customers, fans, and followers) and their internal audience (employees, vendors, partners, and team members).

When Health care businesses invest in community management, they transition from an everyday brand to a human one that cares deeply about the people who support them, work for them and interact with them. They are able to make their audience relate with them more, creating more engagement and more leads. A community manager helps to represent the medical client in and out of the work environment and even offline.

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Thought Leadership

Starting a blog to share tips, advice, and helpful information is a great way to build credibility and showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Putting out relevant content on your website regularly can also improve its ranking on Google as it’ll help the search engine better understand what your website is about and whom to show it to, and when.

You can use the questions your patients frequently ask you as the starting point to brainstorm blog topics. You can also create articles around the treatments you offer, your procedures, typical medical issues, injury prevention tips, industry news or trends, or innovations in the field. Create informative blogs that position you as an expert while keeping in mind your patients and the kind of content they’d want to see. Showcasing to your patients that you have in-depth knowledge about their condition and the service you are offering to them goes a long way to help retain patients and even get new ones.

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