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Setting Goals Can Be Exciting But Difficult To Actually Achieve, Let’s Change This.

Setting goals can be exciting but difficult to actually achieve. Putting goals on paper is much different from doing the work to reach them. With 6 months of 2019 under our belts, we officially have 6 more months to make sure that our goals don’t follow us into a new decade.

First, it’s important to identify how intentional you actually are about your business. Did you take the time to set annual goals for your business this year? Or, are you like many business owners and visionaries who never got around to it?

No matter what, it is important is that you have current goals that you are working against and that you actively revisit, review, and revise goals as necessary.

Revisit Your Goals

Take inventory of all of the goals that you set for your business for 2019 and spend time with them. If you never got around to setting goals, now is never too late to start.

Review Your Goals

After revisiting your goals, ask yourself these questions:

Have I achieved any of my goals?

If so, have I been creating new goals?

Am I on track for achieving this quarter’s goals?

What has changed in my business?

Do these goals align with the current state of my business?

Revise Your Goals

While you review your goals, begin to make necessary adjustments by asking the following questions:

-What adjustments do I need to make sure that I’m on track for this quarter and the fiscal quarters to come?

-Which goals are no longer relevant and can be replaced with new ones?

-How can I challenge myself or my business more?

Running and operating a business requires a lot of time and commitment and for that reason, we encourage goal setting.

Goal setting is important for helping to focus attention on achieving desirable outcomes. In business, one desirable outcome is profitability. Profitability does not happen without driving business, converting customers, and proper management of expenses.

It is also important for team members to know what management expects of them and goals provide this alignment in vision and direction. The human brain has amazing problem-solving abilities and goals channel brain power toward finding solutions.

If you find yourself having trouble setting goals or having difficulty attacking goals, email or give us a call. We would love to help you ENCOUNTER your potential.


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