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Boost Your Digital Executive Presence in a Week or Less

Given the impact of COVID-19, digital marketing is at an all-time high for large and small businesses. This increase can also translate over to one’s executive presence. Here are three ways to help boost your digital executive presence.

Take charge.

Your executive presence is built upon leadership and the ability to take charge — even digitally.

Boost your digital strengths and identify weaknesses.

  • Which media platforms are you proficient in using? Capitalize on those platforms and ensure your brand is accurately portrayed. As a consumer or potential partner, one should feel confident in creating a relationship with your brand.

  • Your digital communication is important. Reflect on how long it takes you to respond to emails. Timely responses can go a long way in business relationships and can help you take charge of how others view you.

  • Google Analytics is your friend. Know where your website receives most of its traffic so you can decide what content needs to be strengthened.

Show charisma.

Your audience is devoted to your charm and your “why.”

Motivational speaker and author Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “How great leaders inspire action,” illustrates the importance of knowing your “why” within selling. Having confidence in yourself and knowing why you do the work that you do intrigues others. A potential employer will not tell you why you should work for them; it is your responsibility to showcase your experience, your expertise, and your charisma.

Ways to show charisma:

  • Tell your audience your “why.” Whether in your mission statement or values, be sure your purpose is obvious within your brand. This statement could be placed within your bio on social media.

  • Keep a positive outlook. During conversations, remain optimistic about difficult situations, tasks, or current events.

  • Share your expertise. As you boost your digital executive presence, assist a colleague, consumer, or friend in boosting theirs. This act of selflessness will illustrate your ability to be an inspiration to others.

Have confidence.

It is difficult to have confidence in your service or product if you are not confident in yourself.

  • First, where does your confidence stem from? Understanding this source can help you determine how to translate this digitally.

Take the Social Styles test (created by Small World Alliance) to understand how you interact and make decisions.

Are you an amiable, an analytical, a driver, or an expressive?

Once you find your social style, understand the social styles that work best with you — and those that do not. This can assist you in working with different social styles and levels of confidence.

  • As a leader of your business, your confidence can positively impact your employees and consumers. Start by having your employees take the Social Styles test to better understand how they operate in the workplace. Simply knowing how someone operates can strengthen how you interact with them.

  • Have confidence in your language, in your voice, and in your potential. For example, structure an email or a caption with strong and compelling words. Don’t be afraid to showcase your work and accomplishments via different platforms. Have humility, but do not downplay your success.

As you boost your digital executive presence, you are Encountering Your Potential, so have confidence in your worth and your brand.

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